Welcome to the 2015-2016 Marching Ram Band family!

posted Aug 2, 2015, 11:31 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Aug 2, 2015, 11:31 AM ]

Laura Hendry, Thu 7/23/2015


Welcome to the 2015-2106 Marching Ram Band family!


The Ram Band had a great year last year and we are looking forward to a spectacular 2015-2016 season!  Band Pre-Season (or band camp) is only a short way away (starting Monday August 17th at 1pm) and I wanted to provide you with important dates and information as we near the start of the season.


The Band Parents Association maintains a website:  www.ramband.com.  This site is undergoing a facelift and we hope it will better facilitate the flow of information this season.  In the meantime it contains BOTH the Marching Band Handbook and Un-official Handbook that can be found in the Handbook menu items under "Band Parents" and "CHS Music Dept." These documents can answer many of your questions.

IMPORTANT: All students participating in marching band must have a physical prior to the start of pre-season on Monday, August 17.  CHS provides free physicals to 9th, 11th, & 12th graders on Wednesday August 12th at 9am in the Nurse’s Office at the high school.  The back-up date is Thursday August 20th.  10th grade students are required by Connecticut State Law to have a complete physical exam by an MD prior to the start of school and band pre-season.  The required CT Health Assessment Record can be found by clicking on the above hyperlink, or by going to the Cheshire High School website under About Us, Nurses Office, Documents, “CT Health Assessment Record”.   The CT Health Assessment Record should be submitted to Nurse Ruddy, not the BPA.  Nurse Ruddy will then provide a receipt which should be submitted to the BPA Forms Box in the Band Room.


Additionally, any student needing to take any medication at school must have a yearly Medication Authorization Form submitted to Nurse Ruddy for either prescription or non- prescription drugs (such as Advil or Tylenol).   This form can be found by clicking on the hyperlink above, or by going to the Cheshire High School website under About Us, Nurses Office, Documents, “Medical Authorization Form”.


Band Camp will run from Monday August 17th-Thursday August 20th from 1pm to 8:30 pm, Friday August 21st from 1-5:30pm and Saturday August 22nd from 9am to 1pm followed by the band picnic.  The following week, camp will run Monday and Tuesday from 1-8:30pm.


The band will perform at convocation on Wednesday the 26th, and regular season starts Thursday the 27th (the first day of school) at 5:15pm. 


Please be sure your band member has a good lunch before coming to camp, brings a cooler or water jug with plenty of fluids and ice/cold packs, a snack and dinner meal for breaks.  We do have a mobile water station “the shark” but it is helpful for the band member to have his or her own water bottle or jug.  Typically, the first half of the day is spent indoors, then the band will break to eat, and will resume outside for the rest of the session.


This means the students will need to have food during band camp.  They can either:

Bring food with them in cooler labeled with their name

You may drop food off before 5:00pm (please do not disturb the students or band while doing so).

They can order Subway through the BPA.  Forms will be available shortly and must be handed in at least two days in advance.


End times are approximate.  The students will need to clean up the field and put all equipment away before they can be dismissed.  Please be on time to pick up your student.


Other important items for camp:


·         2 x 4 inch spiral note pad (called a "Set Pad" or "Dot Book") to record sets for marching.

·         45" long shoelace in any color from which the Set Pad will be hung to make recording easier while carrying an instrument at the same time.

·         #2 pencil to record sets in the Set Pad, which hangs from the shoelace!


·         Good sneakers; they will be on their feet all day!




1. Thursday August 20th at 7pm in the Band Room – Band Parent Association Kick-Off Meeting.  Here we will review all of the important information you’ll need for the season, opportunities to chair events and chaperone will be available for sign -up.  At 8:15pm we will move down to the field to watch our kid’s progress during the first week.  It’s nothing short of amazing what they accomplish.


2. PICTURE DATE will be during the first week of band camp. Stay tuned for date and time.


3. Saturday August 22nd from 1:00-3:00pm at the Field – Marching Band and Band Parents Picnic.  Join us for some food and a chance to socialize with each other.  More details to follow.




There are a number of forms we will need to have completed and returned for marching band season.  Stay tuned for a forms packet email coming soon.  The forms will also be available on our website.  I’ll do a quick review of the forms at the Kick-Off meeting in case, but plan to have the forms ready to turn in on the first day of Band Camp.


All new band members should expect to receive a phone call from their Section Leader or the Drum Major.  They will both welcome new members to the band as well as provide information to help prepare for Band Camp.  Below are the names of the section leaders and drum major:


Drum Major:                                        Anne Bartram, anne.bartram@gmail.com 
Flute Section Leaders:                        Lily Hacket, lilyehackett@gmai.com & Karen Larkin, klarkin0528@yahoo.com
Clarinet Section Leaders:                    Elaine Cao, elaine1999@gmail.com & Jeff Tang, jeff.tang75@yahoo.com
Saxes Section Leaders:                      Matt Mita, matthewmita@gmail.com & David Merola, david.merola@cox.net
High Brass Section Leaders:              Michael DeFrancesco, mdefran9989@gmail.com & Nick Ratliff, nickratliff37@yahoo.com
Low Brass Section Leaders:               Adrian Nawrocki, adrian78g@gmail.com & Austin Ratliff, audierat@yahoo.com
Battery Percussion Section Leaders:  Ryan Hendry, ryanhendry30@yahoo.com & Trai Gozzi, tvgozzi@gmail.com
Pit Section Leader:                             Serena Steskla, serenasteskla@yahoo.com
Guard Co-Captains:                            Alysha DeGennaro, adege109@gmail.com & Taylor Lee, talorlee980@gmail.com


If you have ANY questions about the Marching Band or the Band Parents Association, please ASK US.  Feel free to e-mail any of the Band Parent Association's officers.  You can get their email addresses off the www.ramband.com site.  Our officers are as follows:


President:                  Laura Vuolo Hendry                  direct email: avid613@yahoo.com

Co-Internal VPs:       Jeff and Gena Shankman

Financial VP:            Tina Allen

Operations VP:         Bob Geissler

Treasurer:                 Audra Fleury

Secretary:                 Mark Nowicki


Stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks.  I look forward to seeing you on the 17th of August and to a great season!




Laura Vuolo Hendry

President CHSMRB BPA