17-Mar-16: RAMBAND Fundraising Update

posted Mar 17, 2016, 5:52 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Mar 17, 2016, 5:52 PM ]

Mark Nowicki, Thursday, 3/17/2016


Greetings Ram Band Boosters and Students:




23-Mar-16:  SkyZone in Wallingford


One week to go!  Spread the word.  Posters are up and can be found in student band mailboxes.  Here it is electronically:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-rLrktWxPWYLWJTaGN0ZkZfcjg/view?usp=sharing.  After 50 people are signed up for the day, we will receive 25% of the SkyZone proceeds for the ENTIRE DAY from ALL groups!  Please note everyone must go to www.Skyzone.com/Wallingford to sign a waiver to jump.  All jumpers under age 18 require a waiver signed by their parents.


7-Apr-16:  Winter Programs Exhibition Show and Ice Cream Social


You MUST be wondering what your Ramband Winter Guard and Winter Percussion ensembles have been up to all winter.  They’ve been busy and their seasons are ending already!  Winter Guard has organized an Exhibition Show and both the Guard and Percussion ensembles will be performing for you and the Cheshire Community!  Come and see the result of their many months of rehearsal and practice between 7:00pm and 9:00pm.  Also, see Meryl Campbell perform her baton twirling routine, and, though not yet confirmed, the CT Tigers Color Guard have been invited to come to perform in Exhibition.  We will wrap up this night of fun with an Ice Cream Social and Gift Basket Raffle.  It’s a great opportunity to come and support your Winter Ram’s.  Tickets on sale soon!


9-Apr-16:  Recyclable Bottles and Cans Collection


This is our second Saturday collection of the year.  Easy money!  Collect and bring recyclable bottles and cans of your own, and from your neighbors.  Go get them and bring them in!  Please contain all of them in sealed yard or kitchen plastic garbage bags.  John DeGennaro will be collecting between 8:30am and 10:00am, positioned at the practice marching field supply trailer.


6-May-16:  Jazz Invitational


Save the date.  Bring a date.  It’s Friday night date night.  Come watch and listen to some groovy tunes!  This one will be at the CHS Thorpe Auditorium.  Come and be wowed by our Jazz Ensemble and other guest ensembles.  Buy tickets in advance from Jazz Ensemble students.  More information will follow.




Spring Train Show:


We had another great show on March 6th, 33 adult parents and 22 students contributed their time and effort.  Thank you so much!  Preliminary reports from the BPA Treasurer are that we exceeded all of our goals for this fundraiser in areas of vendor fees, gate admission, food sales, and the bake sale.  Happiness J!  Thanks to Maura Murcko, Susan DeLancy and Maryam Ahmadi-Tabatabaie for organizing this one.  Well done!  The same team is already planning to exceed expectations at the Fall Show.  And a special thanks to Mr. Tom Kotulski, our conductor, for organizing the vendors and keeping everything running on track.  (get it… on track?)


Pasta & Jazz:


As you know, the 26-Feb Pasta & Jazz event was postponed, and now it looks like we’ve run out of possibilities for an April reschedule.  Mr. Ciasullo and Karen Andes will be looking for a possible late-May opportunity, but we may not be able to do this one this year.  We will let you know as soon as possible if it gets rescheduled.  But all is not lost for Jazz – the Jazz Invitational is March 6th – save the date and bring a date!


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Once again, thank you to all who support our fundraisers, as organizers or chairpersons, volunteers or attendees.  Please contribute what you can, when you can – every little bit helps and is very much appreciated.


Go Ram Bands!





Mark Nowicki

Secretary, CHS BPA