Help Needed: CHS MRB Tag Sale / Bake Sale AND “The Mattress Man”

posted Sep 9, 2015, 10:24 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 10:24 AM ]

Robin DeGennaro, Wednesday, 9/9/2015


Tag Sale / Bake Sale


Hello all:

Last night was our first drop off for Tag Sale donations and we received donations from just TWO families.  We are desperately seeking donations.  Please hunt through your home - if every family donated a box we would have a lot.  No donation is too small.  Remember, there will be thousands of people attending the Fall Festival - we have our audience - now we need items to sell.  We will also have a Bake Sale and are still in need of baked goods.  Please remember all baked items must be wrapped/bagged and preferably no nuts.

We will be collecting donations and baked goods as follows:

Thursday 5 pm - 6:45 pm:  Items can be dropped off at the practice field near the green trailer.
We will be attending the CHS open house after 6:45 pm and will resume collections after open house which ends at 8:45.

Friday 5 pm - 8 pm:  We will be setting up in the cafeteria.  Donated items and baked goods can be dropped off in the cafeteria during this time.  This would be a great time to drop off larger Tag Sale items as well.  We could also use set-up help if you are available.

Friday (during pick-up after the game):  Baked goods can be dropped off in the band room.  We are discouraging dropping off donated items at this time due to the heavy traffic from the game.

Saturday 7 am - 8 am:   We will accept items and baked goods in the cafeteria. 


We still need lots of help during the Tag/Bake Sale from 7 am - 2 pm.  Unsold items will be donated.  Left over baked goods will be given to the kids after practice.  

Please email if you are able to donate, bake or help and thanks to those that have already responded!  If you have questions, contact Robin at 203-848-8281 or Tina at 203-901-6122.



Bob Gieseler, Wednesday, 9/9/2015


“The Mattress Man”




Ken Mita has volunteered to don the attire of the “Mattress Man” and hang out on the street corner in front of the school to entice attendees at the Cheshire Fall Festival to notice something strange and unusual is going on at the High School.  Ken will lead off by wearing the suit beginning at 10 am, but Ken cannot possibly endure the whole day in costume, especially if it is a warm day.  Ken’s challenge is for another 6 volunteers to don the suit for an hour each from 11 am through 5 pm after he has done his bit.  If interested (who wouldn’t be?), please contact Bob Gieseler at 203-623-1586 immediately and claim your slot before they fill up.  If there is overwhelming interest (and there will be), there is more than one suit to wear so don’t despair if you get this notice late.  Call Bob now!