8-Sep-16: CHS MRB Updates

posted Sep 8, 2016, 9:19 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 9:19 PM ]

Greetings Parents and Students!


I hope that you all had a nice holiday weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing the band perform this weekend at the Fall Festival! Please read below for important reminders, updates and information from the BPA.  Remember www.ramband.com for all of the important information going on!

John L. Kuhner, K-12 Music Department Chairman
Cheshire Public Schools
Cheshire High School
525 South Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone: 203-250-2534
Fax: 203-250-2563


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Our Tag and Bake Sale will be this Saturday September 10th at the CHS Cafeteria from 8:00am through 2:00pm.


We need items to sell!  Go through your homes – donate your sellable items to the BPA for the sale. Drop off:

  • Tonight at the Green Practice Trailer near the practice field at 5:15,

  • Friday night at CHS Cafeteria between 6-8pm.

  • Saturday morning between 7-8am.

  • BAKED GOODS – please drop off Friday night between 6-8pm or Saturday between 7-8am in the Cafeteria. Please wrap baked items individually and label for nuts


Please contact Tina at 203-901-6122 or Robin at 203-848-8281 directly if you have any questions.


Thank you to those who already signed up to help. Sign up on ramband.com by using the Red Button for Fundraising or click here:  http://www.ramband.com/band-parents-association/parent-volunteer-sign-ups/fundraiser-sign-up-file-cabinet




We are rapidly approaching the first competition of the 2016 season, and there are still many things that must be accomplished to get the season off to a successful start.  


  • We are in urgent need of about a half-dozen volunteers to come assist with a maintenance project THIS SATURDAY, from 10am-2pm

  • We will be meeting at the “Practice Field” to re-organize the contents of the Music in Motion storage trailer.  The work will be somewhat physical, but not terribly         demanding.  The more volunteers there are, the easier it will be.      

  • Please contact Dave DeLancy if you are available, we really need the help. David.DeLancy@att.net or 203-915-2462.

  • If you come to see the band perform, help us out for an hour or so!




Please go here to sign up to chaperone, pit and crew and quartermaster support for specific dates in September: http://www.ramband.com/band-parents-association/parent-volunteer-sign-ups/ops-admin-sign-up-file-cabinet


Additional sign-ups will be posted next week for the season. Visit ramband.com and click the Green Button to sign up for Ops and Admin support.




We are at 51% of goal at $9,150… fantastic job everyone! Thank you this week to:

Sarah Augur, Shane Curtis, Lydia Davis, Olivia DeLancy, Ethan Donna, Lynndsay Dorin, Ryan Hendry, Shaoshi Huang, Ben Inzero, Matthew Mita, Adrian Nawrocki, Ola Nawrocki, Avery Nowicki, Savannah Nowicki, Jonathan Rocha and Stephanie Smith


  • TIME IS SHORT!  We need to make our final push NOW!  Our close out date is September 16th.  Collect your Sponsorships, Advertisements, and Boosters and turn them in with checks by September 16th so that they will make it in the book.

  • Use the 2016 Sponsorship / Advertisement Form to sell Sponsorships and Advertisements.

  • Use the 2016 Music In Motion Program Booster Form to be a Band Booster.  You can buy a page or partial page in the Music In Motion Program Book to “shout out” to your band member at a 10% discount

  • Find some time to go back out and sell! Call that lawyer, landscaper or accountant of yours!  Follow up on the merchants you didn’t get a check from.  Close the deal!  There’s still money on the table – almost $1,400 was collected just yesterday. 

  • Place your checks and forms into the forms drop box in an envelope with the check by September 16th to make it into the Program. 

  • If you need a few more days after that to close the deal – do it, and we might still be able to get it in.


Thank you for your support!



Laura Vuolo Hendry

President, CHSBPA