7-Dec-15: Weekly Update - Information and Call to Action

posted Dec 7, 2015, 2:24 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Dec 7, 2015, 2:24 PM ]

Laura Hendry, Monday, 12/7/2015


Dear all,


Happy Monday!!!  It was great to see many of you at the banquet last Thursday!  What a great night for our Marching Rams.  They did a good job planning it on their own, too.


Reminder that the Winter Concert is this Thursday December 10 at 7:30pm.  I look forward to seeing many of you there and to hearing Duality performed inside!


For winter programs - I will be sending a form home by the end of the week and will post it on ramband.com.  Reminder that dues for winter programs are $100.00 this year.  I will ask both winter program leaders for some information on schedule for the season so that I can send that out (and continue to communicate in my weekly emails on what’s coming up.)


Upcoming Events:




Here it comes.  Imagine me jumping up and down and cheering – GO BPA!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  I know, it’s much better to see me do this in person.


Our support and volunteerism is the key to our fundraising and to the ability for the band and winter programs to continue to provide the opportunities for our musicians to grow.


We need help at New England Music Festival (NEMFA) this Saturday, the 12th.  We only have a few shifts covered.  Thanks to those that have signed up to cover a 2.5 hour shift.  Let’s show our support for our musicians and for our fellow parents that have signed up to help.  We need concession support, set up, monitors and some help with parking.  Students are filling some of the slots, but need our help.  An hour will help if you cannot commit to 2 hours.


We have launched the Christmas Tree pick-up!  Thanks again to the Campbell’s and Mark Nowicki for setting us up for success.  Each pick-up is $15.00.  Last year we picked up 600 trees.  LET’S GET TREES!!!!  WE CAN DO IT!  IF WE PICKED UP 2,000 TREES IN THE TOWN OF CHESHIRE, WE WOULD MAKE $30,000.00!!


The sign-ups are scheduled by shift on the volunteer sign-up page.  I’ll buy the coffee and hot chocolate and even donuts if you come down to help!  There is a sign-up for parents and one for students.  The flyer is up on ramband.com and can be printed to place in mail boxes, post in local businesses, give to friends and family.  Pick-up will be for Cheshire residents only.


We have three ways to schedule a pick-up:

1.      www.ramband.com on the homepage, follow the link for Christmas Tree Pick-Up and submit online.  Checks made out to BPA should be mailed to the CHS BPA Post Office Box (address pops up once a pick-up request is submitted)

2.      Complete a paper form and mail it with the check to the CHS BPA to the post office box address on the form

3.      Call 1-888-341-2115 to schedule a pick up.  Mail the check to the CHS BPA to the post office box


The Cheshire Herald is running the ad flyer in the December 24th edition.  Mark has already placed forms at several of the tree farms and at Hines Hardware.  I will be placing flyers at the Notch Store, Main Street Caffe.  Let’s get some trees!  This can be a huge fundraiser for the programs and it does not require as much work as MiM.


I still need volunteers to head up the nominating committee for the Board elections in the spring, please sign-up on the volunteer page.  It is not a huge time commitment, but will require some coordination and leadership.  We need to have this in place no later than March 1, 2016.


We are also looking for members of the BPA to participate in a by-law review committee.  Thank you Tim Orcutt and Kirsten Gunther for letting me know you can participate!  Looking for 2-3 others to represent the membership in this important task.  Having a committee will ensure that the membership is able to participate in the process.  The committee will review and suggest amendments that will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  The by-laws will be presented to the membership for vote to be implemented in the new fiscal year commencing July 1. 


I have the graphics back from USBands for the Nationals shirts and sweatshirts.  The front will have the 2015 National Champions/USBands logo and the back will have our Duality symbol, 2015 Cheshire High School Marching Ram Band, and each of the band member names by section.  I first need to get an estimate of the number we want to order before they can give me a final price – the more we order, the less it will cost per item.  The price estimate is a range from $18.00 to $35.00 depending on item.  I will post a form/survey to gather this information.  I will email band members as well.  I will only use the order information to get a price.  I will not place an order for you until I have a price and it’s been communicated to you and confirmed that you wish to purchase.


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for all of your work and support for our band programs!




Laura Vuolo Hendry

President,  CHS BPA