6-Nov-15: IMPORTANT: Note from the Head Chaperone for Nationals

posted Nov 7, 2015, 6:41 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Nov 7, 2015, 6:41 AM ]
Phil Unger, Friday, 11/6/2015

Good Morning,


Preparing for my final trip with the band and it is starting to hit me.  But I have some important information I need to relay to you.


With the return time so late (or early!) it's important that every student to know how they will get home upon our return Sunday morning.


Some of you will be with us.  But those that are not coming will receive a phone call about 1/2 before our expected return.  Students will use their own cell phones to call or if they don't have one will be provided.  Please be prepared for a call from an unknown number.  Once we return we expect to have to help our pit crew unload and then their Drum Major will do attendance for her final time before the band is dismissed.


But it is imperative that you be there when the buses return.  We cannot have a situation of parents waiting for the return before they come to the school.  I know it's late and very difficult but I ask you to consider your kids who will be pushing close to a 20 hour day at that point and almost as much for chaperones and crew.  But we cannot leave until EVERY band member is picked up and you cannot have them walk to some other point outside the school to be picked up.  All pick-ups will be at the band room.


Please make sure your son or daughter knows what their plan is.  I appreciate your cooperation this year.  But it is as important to make sure that you do not park along the building.  These are big coach buses coming in and our trucks need their access as well.


Our goal is to get this done as quickly as possible.  We all want to go home as well!


With that my service to this band is nearly at its end.  I want to personally thank you and along with all the other chaperones for allowing me to play this small role in their lives.




Philip Unger

Head Chaperone


Lastly, if you haven’t viewed our latest video email, please take a look.