5-Oct-18: MUSIC IN MOTION: Final Instructions

posted Oct 5, 2018, 4:53 AM by Mark Nowicki

Dear Parents and Students:


Just one day from now we will host our annual band competition, Music In Motion.  In fact, it is the 35th annual.  We execute this event just once a year with a lot of parent and student turnover every year.  It is NOT a well-oiled machine.  We are likely to experience problems or crises along the way.  It happened last year… I’m expecting it this year.  I don’t know what it is – it’s lurking out there – but I’m not afraid of it.  You shouldn’t be either – your crisis may not be as bad as it may first appear.  Relax, breathe, consult those with experience, consider at least two options, and solve the problem.  I’m confident we have enough parents (and students) experienced enough with Music In Motion to resolve or mitigate whatever contingency may arise.  We have a well thought out plan, great people, and we will get through this by working together.


IMPORTANT – Change to Parking Plan:


The MIM Parking Plan for parents, students and staff has changed.  We have consulted with administration about parking on the practice field as has been our practice for many years.  This year administration desires that we park elsewhere.  The natural turf on the practice field was badly damaged during the Cheshire 5K/Half Marathon event in late April when it rained heavily before and during the event.  We have had heavy rains the last two weeks as well.  While the turf may be dry and firm by Saturday, the predominate issue is that there are high sensitivities in the Community to parking on that turf because it was very expensive to repair over the summer.  We will, of course, honor the wishes of the administration.


All CHS parents, students and staff will park in the upper lots to the north of the main school building.  Spaces there are limited, so please carpool to the greatest extent possible so that we can fit as many of our personal vehicles in that lot as possible.  We must leave a maximum of the other lots available for our many expected guests.  Parking will remain for Handicap in the Athletic Field lot, for VIP parking to the west of the building (behind the band room / school), and parking will not be available in the lots in the front of the school since Pit and Battery warmup occurs in those spaces.  We want to make all other CHS lots available to our guests (other bands, parents and general spectators).  Once those lots fill up, general parking will continue into the Parks & Recreation lot, then across South Main Street at the little yellow house lot, then into the skateboard lot.


If you require access to your vehicle to set up during Saturday morning and early afternoon, it’s fine to keep your vehicle readily accessible, but by about 2:00pm, everything should be well set up, so by that time, all vehicles should be relocated to the upper parking lot for the duration of the event.




Visit our Cheshire competition page on ramband.com to see the US Bands and Ram Band schedule for the day.  During Senior Recognition, senior parents will be invited to attend the ceremony with their senior student.  This will be at approximately 4:30pm at the performance field.  For those that are not senior parents, please be prepared to cover work tasks for the senior parents in your sub-groups during Senior Recognition.  The tendency will be that many folks will want to go see what is happening – but since our gate opens to the public at 4:00pm, we simply cannot abandon the concessions areas.


Manpower & Equipment:


No chart today.  We’ve done very well.  Thank you!  We had a good Jump Start meeting Thursday night and I think most of the remaining vacancies have been filled.  That said, please be prepared to surge into a different area if emergent help is needed – we band together!  I think we have all our resource requirements adequately covered.  Thank you all for volunteering, and thank you for loaning all that equipment.  If you still haven’t signed up, please feel free to come anyway and pitch in where needed.




On arrival, all parent volunteers need to visit the Alumni Tent to (1) sign in on the Chesprocott form, and (2) receive your red volunteer shirt.  If you have a vintage red volunteer shirt, please bring and wear that as supplies of the new shirts are limited for the new parents.




Please, please, please, let’s not hurt anyone!  Take your time.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Be deliberate with what you are doing and be courteous.  Smile and be of good cheer!  If you don’t understand something or recognize something as a hazard to us or our guests, tell someone about it so it can be addressed.  It’s not going to be as warm as last year, but still, remain hydrated.  If you’re not feeling well, visit the First Aid Tent and let them look you over.




I’m very pleased with the enthusiasm I’ve observed the last few weeks as we’ve prepared for this event.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with so many of you to get ready for this.  I’m confident this event will be successful.  We will knock it out of the park.  Have fun and enjoy!  Go Ram Band!


Oh, and students… kick it on Saturday!




Mark Nowicki



Joe Campbell

(203) 525-9500