5-Nov-15: Update - Nationals

posted Nov 6, 2015, 8:03 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Nov 6, 2015, 8:03 AM ]

Laura Hendry, Thursday, 11/5/2015

Dear all,

We are almost to the big day and I could not be happier that we have so many parents, siblings and grandparents coming to cheer on our Ram Band!!!

Good night at ticket pick-up in the old band room.  Thanks to my crew (Jessica and Mark Nowicki, Audra Fleury, Pam Gomez and Dave Rochford) we did a pretty good job getting these all organized.  Mark Nowicki and Audra Fleury will be there tomorrow at 5:15pm in the same place to continue to ticket pick-up.  Please try to send in the money and have your band member pick up the tickets or come by the old band room.  If we have not delivered all of the envelopes tomorrow night, I will let you know of the time I will be there on Saturday.

Update on tickets: USBands gave us more tickets at the discount price so we are good to go!  There are a few of you who will have vouchers in the envelopes for tickets, and if anyone has not ordered and still wants tickets, please let me know. $30.00 for the ticket.  I need to turn in the money for the tickets we have sold and for those we are picking up when we register.

The voucher can be traded in to me at Nationals after I check us in.  I’ll be with the band in Lot G with tickets and wristbands for students and crew.  If you have a voucher, and we have received the money for the tickets, I will take your voucher in exchange for the show tickets.

We still have some seats left on the bus (9 as of my last count).  These will be available tomorrow night and Saturday.  Bus ticket price $30.00.

We did get a few more band members to sign up for meal, but we still do not have all.  Even if your band member does not want a meal (or is bringing their own food and you have not let me know that yet), please have them go online and state that they do not want a meal.  It will help us make sure to not miss anyone who may want food.  We have chicken and hot dogs left.  

If you have picked up your envelopes, they will also contain food tickets (these look like raffle tickets).  Please make sure that you and your band member(s) have these tickets on Saturday.  White tickets are for chicken, blue tickets are for hot dogs, and red or yellow tickets are for steak.  $5.00 per meal.  Feel free to bring chips or a dessert to share.  The link is below for students. 


Please make your check payable to “CHSBPA” or bring cash for the amount due.  We have listed the amount due on the envelopes so that will be available when you pick up.  Email me with any questions.

Again, for anyone who will be driving to the event, there is no charge for parking. You will be directed to Spectator Parking – you will not be able to park with the band.  The bands will be parking in Lot G.  To find us, just look for the sea of red coats or the crazy band mom!

As hard as it may be, please have your band member try to rest tomorrow night. Saturday is going to be a long day – and even with adrenaline – rest is going to be critical.  We hope that they will rest on the buses – but it’s just that, hope.  Please remember to send lunch on Saturday – we will eat before we leave or on the buses.

If you want to send your band member with some cash, there are patches, sweatshirts, DVD s of the event, and other items for sale.  There are concessions in the stadium as well. 

Photos of the band and of the sections will be taken after the performance.  Your band member will be able to sign up to receive an email link to the photos.

Thank you for all of your support and feel free to email me with any remaining questions.  I look forward to enjoying this important day for our band with you!

We are the Champions!!!  Go Ram Band!


Laura Vuolo Hendry

President, CHS BPA