4-Oct-16: Music In Motion - Important Info

posted Oct 4, 2016, 4:51 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Oct 4, 2016, 4:51 AM ]

Hello all Band Parents:

Welcome to Music in Motion Week.   We have great show planned and are excited about this year.

Yes, we all have our eye on the weather map and we will keep you in the loop of any details as they emerge on that front, we are developing our "Plan B" as we speak.

Sorry for the length of this communication but this one of those time where we have a lot to say!

We are still in need of the following:

Volunteers -- some parents/guardians have yet to sign up for a shift.  We need every hand possible to make this event a success.  Any time that you can give is appreciated.  Please take a moment to review the sign up genius and see where the needs still are: 

*** Note:  we are asking that all volunteers come to the show prepared with a hat and covered footwear (no opened toe shoes).  At any time, all available MIM Staff may be utilized in the food tent if necessary.

Item Sign up --  Beyond the people sign up - the band does not own each item necessary to run Music In Motion.  We utilize many of the items from our parent volunteers.  Please take a moment to review the sign up for items and offer any item you can: 

As we move ahead we a regularly scheduled program this is how the week is going to progress:

Tuesday October 4th -- I will be in the band room from 7PM on to meet with anyone that has questions/ need access to the trailers, etc.

Thursday October 6th -- 7PM -- Everyone will jump start a MIM meeting in the band room together with details of the weekend.  We will then split off into sub meetings by the area you are working in, so you may meet with the folks you will be working with Saturday.

Friday October 7th -- Morning - afternoon, for those that have signed up -- we will begin the day by gathering all of the donations at their respective locations, received trucks and trailers at the field, etc.

Friday October7th -- Evening --  There is a home football game, but we will take this as an opportunity to set up as much of the field, food tent, hospitality (gym) as we can.  We have tables and chairs that need to be moved, small tents that need to be set up (providing no wind) etc.

*****  Special note when reporting Saturday*********
Parking -- Parking for MIM staff is on the practice football field.  You will enter this field by driving down Elmwood to the back entrance of the athletic complex.  Pull into the athletic field on the small access road.  Park on the on the practice football field with the cars facing the tree line.  If the cars face the other direction, we cannot use the lot for overflow of bus parking.

Saturday -- Report to your station at your designated time - All MIM staff must sign in at the food tent on the Chespercott sign in.  This is necessary for the health inspector.

Saturday night -- Clean UP -- In past years we have been tremendously successful in doing the bulk of the work on Saturday night.  This is most helpful as more hands makes for lighter work.

Saturday night -- end of Cheshire show - SENIOR RECOGNITION -- For all senior parents at the end of the Cheshire show we will be having our senior student recognition.  We ask that all senior parents come down to the field and escort their child.  While this is a great time for the senior, we can only do this if the underclassmen parents cover the senior parents' post while these parents experience this.  Last year was the first year we did this and it was a success for both students and parents.

Sunday October 9th -- 9AM -- Report back to the field final clean up and return of items to locations.

Sunday afternoon -- REST!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Joe Campbell

John L. Kuhner, K-12 Music Department Chairman
Cheshire Public Schools
Cheshire High School
525 South Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone:  203-250-2534
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