31-Oct-15: IMPORTANT: USBands Nationals Event at MetLife

posted Oct 31, 2015, 2:17 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Oct 31, 2015, 2:17 PM ]

Laura Hendry, Saturday, 10/31/2015BOO

Dear Ram Band Parents:

Its finally here – the last leg of the journey to Nationals!  As a junior parent, I have enjoyed this event for two years and cannot wait to go back.  On Saturday, November 7, 2015, the CHS Marching Ram Band will be attending the 2015 Open Class Nationals Championship at MetLife Stadium.  This is the final competitive event for the season and our band will be competing against several other Class V-Open bands from around the country.  The venue is exciting, the energy and atmosphere is exciting, and it’s promising to be a beautiful day at the same Stadium the NY Jets and NY Giants call home!

Please read this email in its entirety as it contains very important information for the event.

Our exact performance time will not be determined until Monday the 2nd of November after we compete at States, but we do have some preliminary details:

  • We estimate that we will depart CHS at about 12 noon on Saturday, maybe later depending on our step-off time.  I will communicate as soon as we know on the 2nd what our performance time will be. 


  • If we leave CHS at noon or later, Mr. Kuhner may have a short run through with the band before we leave.  If we end up leaving earlier than noon, we will not have the kids come in early to run through the show.  Depending on departure time, please ensure that your band member is fed before we leave. We will not have lunch orders on that day.


  • Group V-Open Marching Bands perform between 6:29 pm and 9:55 pm and UCONN performs in Exhibition at 8:07 pm


  • After Group V-Opens have finished their performances, Group VI-Open Bands will compete between about 10:00 pm and 11:45 pm so there will be plenty of show yet to be seen after Cheshire has performed. 


  • Awards are scheduled to begin at 12:05 AM in the stadium this year!


  • And yes, it’s going to be a late night and an early Sunday morning return to CHS.


Spectator Bus, Show Tickets and Tailgate


Spectator Tickets: Open Class Nationals Championship at MetLife is a US Bands Premium Event Show.  We have been provided 100 discounted tickets to sell for spectators.  We are not required to sell any of them or we can sell all of them.  What we do not sell, we will turn back in on arrival with no penalty.  


If you intend to be a Spectator at the Open Class Nationals Championship and gain entry to the MetLife Stadium (this includes everyone with the exception of the below note) you must purchase a Spectator Ticket.  We are selling them at the discounted price of $30.  This is an increase of $5 from last year based on USBands ticket price, we do not fundraise from this event.  They are $35 at the door, so please consider purchasing your spectator ticket from the BPA in advance.


Note:  To be admitted to the show, unless you have been issued instructor or truck/pit crew Credentials that US Bands has issued to us, you must have a Spectator ticket to gain entry to the Stadium to view the show.  I will provide the truck and pit crew with the credentials this week.  If you have any questions about this or the USBand rules about credentials, please contact me directly.


Spectator Bus:  We have secured a fourth coach bus traveling with the band for parents, siblings, family and friends.  There are 55 seats for purchase on the bus.  The cost is $30 for round-trip per person (down from $38 last year) and it will be first come first serve.  


The trip to MetLife Stadium is approximately 2 ¼ hours assuming no traffic and the time of day.  There are tolls along the way and there may be a parking fee at MetLife Stadium (I will confirm this).  Please consider taking the spectator bus as it will be a long day and we will be returning well after midnight.  We want our band and parents returning home safely. 


Riding the Spectator bus is an option, it is not mandatory in order to attend the event or to tailgate with the band.   Chaperones and quartermasters will ride on the buses with the band.  I will notify the chaperones and quartermaster who will ride with the band for the event separately.  If you have any questions regarding the selection for this event, please contact me directly. 


Tailgating:  As in previous years, the pit and truck crew will be hosting a Tailgate in the parking lot of the MetLife Stadium prior to Cheshire’s performance.  Dinner will be available at this tailgate for $5.00 per person, per meal.  The five dollars will cover incidental items (such as breads, condiments, rental of the fryers) and is not a fundraiser.  Such an event gives the Marching Ram Band, Band Parent Association, and CHS Instructional Staff an opportunity for fellowship prior to the final show.


Anyone may participate in the tailgate, even if you do not travel with the band.  There is a firm fixed price set at $5.00 per serving (same price for all, including the band members, instructors, chaperones, crew, spectators, etc).  You may order multiple servings at $5 per serving.  A serving will consist of a choice of two meats, French Fries and a bottle of water.  The choices of Meats are a Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, or Steak Sandwich.  You may order any two, or two of the same.  This is the only dinner option that will be provided.  Several tables and chairs will also be brought in for your eating convenience.


If you would like the crew to cook a hamburger, veggie, burger or other meat that is not on the above list of items to be offered, you may bring it, along with the roll or bread, and the crew will gladly cook it for you.


Please bring a single bag of chips and the like or a baked good, or drinks such as Gatorade or Soda to share, as a Pot-Luck type accessories food items spread.  You need only to bring enough that one but no more than two persons may be able to consume.  Of course, you may bring any items for you and your family that you wish to have available. There are limited concessions  available in the stadium.


This tailgate dinner is also the meal for our band members prior to the show.  There are no other options than for the member to bring his own dinner.


How to order:  To place an order for bus ticket(s), show ticket(s), tailgate ticket(s), or any combination thereof, please complete the on-line sign-up via the link belowPlease complete an order for each person/order individually, including your band member.  I recognize that this is a bit tedious, but you can have each person fill out his or her order.  It will help us to get an accurate count and you to determine the cost.  We would appreciate having the orders completed by Tuesday November 3!  If you have an issue or concern or miss the deadline, please contact me directly.  Thanks!




To summarize:

1.     Option to purchase tickets to be a Spectator for the Show at $30 per ticket (mandatory for those who want to see the show in the stadium - except instructors, truck and pit crew)

2.     Option to purchase a seat on the Spectator bus at $30 per seat (all who want to ride with the band - except truck crews, quartermasters and chaperones)

3.     Option to purchase a dinner at the tailgate at $5 per serving (all who wish to have food at the tailgate). 


We will collect all of the orders and compile an envelope for each family with tickets for bus, show, and tailgate as ordered.  These can be picked up Thursday, Friday at the end of practice this week, and Saturday before we leave for NJ.  Again, we ask that you have your orders completed by the end of Tuesday, November 3rd, so that we have time to prepare the ticket envelopes for distribution as early as Thursday evening at parent pick-up after rehearsal.  I will communicate the pick-up times as soon as we are ready to go. 


Payment:  Due to the high dollar/volume amounts we are going to be working with, the most secure method of payment will be hand payment via check or cash, directly to the person distributing the tickets envelopes when you pick up your tickets.  


Checks should be made payable to “CHSBPA.”  We will provide a payment to USBands at MetLife upon arrival so we are not able to make late payment arrangements.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.


There are opportunities to purchase items at the event – a DVD of the show, sweatshirts, patches for the band jackets, and other items are sold inside the event.  You may want to bring extra for these items or send some additional cash with your band member in case they want to purchase any of these items.  


Thank you for bearing with me during another of my long emails!  The event is amazing and will be a good time!  I am m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Nationals to support our Band.






Laura Vuolo Hendry

President, CHS BPA