30-Nov-16: BPA Fall Fundraising Update

posted Nov 30, 2016, 6:19 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Nov 30, 2016, 6:19 PM ]

To the CHS BPA Members:


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  All of us have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the phenomenal talents, work ethic and enthusiasm of our children!

Now that we have completed another successful Marching Ram Band season, it seems like a good time to provide the BPA Membership with a recap of our Fall fundraising efforts.  As you know, a key part of the BPA’s role is to fundraise throughout the school year in support of the Marching Ram Band, the Winter Guard and Percussion Programs, and all of the CHS instrumental music programs.  During late summer and early fall, the BPA sponsored four key fundraisers:  the Car Show, the Sponsorship Program, the Thanksgiving Pie Sales and Music in Motion.  The following are the results of these Programs (based on the information received to date):
  • Car Show [$1,481]:  Under the leadership of Jeff Shankman, the BPA was able to revive the long dormant Car Show.  The response from the area’s car enthusiasts was outstanding!  We netted $1,481 ($2,722 of revenue, less $1,241of expenses), which exceeded our target of $900.  We expect to make this an annual event with increasing success!

  • Sponsorship Program [$18,717]:  Under Agnes Nawrocki’s leadership, we were able to take the Sponsorship Program to a whole new level, exceeding even our lofty expectations!  We netted $18,842 ($22,442 of revenue, less $3,725 of expenses), which exceeded our target of $15,800. With this new blueprint for success, we believe there is potential for even greater success next year! 

  • Pie Sales [$636]:  Despite Tina Allen’s valiant efforts, the Thanksgiving Pie Sales came up short.  We believe the students’ laser-focus on making the Sponsorship Program an outstanding success may have detracted a bit from their Pie Sales efforts.  As a result, we netted $636 ($2,160 of revenue, less $1,524 of expenses), below our target of $1,600.  Nevertheless, we have a couple of ideas on how to better balance the timing and efforts of our students to reinvigorate this fundraiser next year without detracting at all from the success of the Sponsorship Program.

  • Music in Motion [$6,886]:  Joe Campbell and his subcommittee chairs did an outstanding job organizing and running our most complicated fundraiser.  While we were able to net $6,886 ($23,893 of revenue, less $17,007 of expenses), that fell short of our $11,000 target.  Ticket sales were almost $2,000 short of budget, primarily due to an overestimation of the amount of student and senior ticket sales.  Food sales were also almost $2,000 short of budget.  The key driver is that we significantly underestimated the demand for hamburgers and chicken fingers, as we sold out of them very early into the program.  The newest items, kielbasa and bratwurst, were hits (both sold out towards the end of the night); steak sandwiches and clam chowder, no so much (both significantly undersold the quantity purchased).  We will use these lessons to be sure to increase our margins next year.  The lure of the airgrams and 50/50 raffle also seems to be waning as these collectively fell $750 short of budget.  We will be looking for new ideas on alternative moneymakers or ways to reinvigorate these old standbys.

  • Total Raised, Net:  $27,720 (short of our budgeted target of $29,300)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our fundraising efforts to date.  However, we continue to need your help as there is still more money to raise.  While we are still working through the payment of some of the expenses, we expect to fully fund approximately $37,000 of budgeted Marching Band expenses (i.e., more than we have raised to date).  In addition, we are looking to fund more than $28,000 for our Winter Guard and Winter Percussion programs, as well as fund the senior scholarships and certain costs for the Jazz programs.  To do so, we are targeting a major fundraiser for each month throughout the remainder of the school year.  Upcoming, we have the NEMFA concessions stand in December, the Christmas Tree pickup in January, the Spring Train Show in March, and one or two Jazz programs in the Spring.  We are still looking for ideas and leadership for additional fundraisers to fill out our calendar and achieve our budgeted targets.  Thus, any assistance and ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Best regards,



Tim Orcutt


Cheshire High School Band Parents’ Association, Inc.