3-Jun-19: Band Storage Trailer Move - We Need Your Help!

posted Jun 3, 2019, 7:13 PM by Mark Nowicki

Dear Band Parents and Students:


The Music Office and Band Parents Association have a new Band Bay in the new CHS Field Storage Building adjacent to the practice football field.  This 30 X 30 foot space will replace the three legacy storage trailers located at the athletic parking lot and under the main football field visitor bleachers.  We will be transferring a lot of material to the new facility, but we will also be cleaning house and getting rid of many very old props and other materials that haven’t seen the light of day for years.  CHS Grounds Maintenance will have AJ Waste place a dumpster very  near the bleacher trailers to make our disposal process easier.


The weekend days of Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th are our moving days.


We need manpower to pull this off – parents and students with strong backs and determination to get a job done – the more the merrier.  If we can get enough people on Saturday, I think we can get most of it done, if not all of it, but I still want to plan for a Sunday crew to finish it up if necessary.


If you can’t be there the whole day, either day, but can still contribute a few hours, please sign up anyway, and put your available hours in the comments.


Please click here to sign up!


We’ve already made some preparations – a lockable room has been constructed within the new Band Bay, and shelves have been built within that room.  I’d like to thank Ken Mita and Brian Kecskes for joining me to accomplish that key preparatory project for this coming weekend.



Mark Nowicki