25-Oct-18: Possible Specator Bus for Nationals - CHSBPA

posted Oct 25, 2018, 4:34 PM by Mark Nowicki

Greetings CHSMRB Parents,

The following information is being shared with you from the CHSBPA Board, Laura Hendry, Chairperson.  The CHSBPA will be organizing a possible spectator bus for National Championships dependent on interest level from parents.

Sue Mellitt is the contact person for the spectator bus, details below.


Mr. K.



Hi all – I am trying to get an idea of interest in a parent/spectator bus for National’s.   Please see info (as best I know it) and let me know ASAP if you are interested, # of guests, etc.  You can email me at sue.mellitt@gmail.com or call 203-577-8914.  If we do not have enough takers, I will cancel the bus as they need an answer before next Monday, October 29th.

  • We have a parent bus being held for us for National’s on Saturday, November 10th.

  • The cost of the bus will be approximately $55 per person to cover cost (extra for tip).

  • Pizza will be delivered to Metlife for dinner - not sure of cost at this time.

  • Tickets to get into the show are $35 each.

  • Parents will not be able to stay in the bus when we arrive as the buses will be locked and turned off so drivers can take a break and sleep. 

  • Unsure time bus will leave CHS, but the band may leave CHS as early as 8:30 am depending on seeding which won’t be known until a week out (in the past, we have left around lunch time).

  • Awards for Group 5 will be outside the stadium at about 9:30pm as of right now.  Group 6 will perform and do separate awards ceremony later.  We don’t have to stay until midnight this year as a result.  We will be home earlier than 3:00am for once.