23-Oct-15: Important Ram Band Updates

posted Oct 23, 2015, 7:08 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Oct 23, 2015, 7:08 AM ]

Laura Hendry, Friday, 10/23/2015

Dear all,

I have some additional information to share this week.  I've included the band members on this email as well.

The E-Board is hosting a movie night in the band room tonight, Friday 10/23 after practice until 9:30pm.   Your band member may have asked to stay for this.  The E-Board did all of the planning and I learned of the event this past Monday on Facebook.  I’m sorry to be sending information this late as a result.  I confirmed with Mr. Kuhner this morning that the school has approved the event and there will be enough parent chaperones in attendance to continue to hold the party.  They are serving snacks and discussed ordering pizza to the school if the kids bring money.

I have received conflicting requests from parents for the date for hosting Trunk or Treat.  This is a fun event for the band and the parents that is not much work or time.  Part of our mission as BPA is to support events that promote fellowship for the band and we would like to continue this tradition.  Homecoming is the 30th but rain is forecast for the 29th.  In addition, the 29th is a school night and would keep the band out later.  I’m sensitive to concerns about the late nights and school work as we enter the toughest part of the season but I do want to support the kids in having some fun that they miss because of the time commitment.  Right now, I’m leaning toward moving it back to the 30the right after practice (6:30pm).  Your feedback is appreciated – please email me.  I will make the final call by Sunday.

Reminder that we are selling tickets to States tonight and after rehearsal next week for $15.00 each.

The Board of Directors met on Tuesday to discuss, among other items, the Allentown trip and the Pancake breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.

We have made a final decision that the Allentown trip will be canceled.  Because we would be performing, we needed to have almost all of the band in attendance and we are missing too many in two sections to make this work.  After discussing options to make this work with Mr. Kuhner, we regret that we have to cancel the trip in order to give some notice to the hotel and bus company.  The BPA is sorry that we could not make this work for the band and will work with Mr. Kuhner on other potential options.

We have had the Pancake Breakfast interest survey posted for several weeks and have received little to no response for support and attendance.  As a result, we have determined that this best option right now is to cancel the breakfast on that day.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact me via email or phone to discuss.  We will also have opportunity to discuss any of these items, including the plans for Nationals, at our membership meeting on the 29th.  Your attendance  and feedback is welcomed!

Thank you.

Go Ramband!


Laura Vuolo Henry

President, CHS BPA