22-Sep-15: MRB Weekly Update

posted Sep 22, 2015, 6:18 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Sep 22, 2015, 6:18 PM ]

Laura Hendry, Tuesday, 9/22/2015


Dear All, 


Happy Tuesday!  What a great start to our competitive season with a second place score in Group 5 Open of 72.350.  Way to go RamBand!!!!  We have posted our score and caption on the schedule under Maloney on www.ramband.com.  We will continue to do that throughout the season.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped chaperone, move equipment and cheer on the band!!  RamPride!!


Important Information and Dates:


We will be kicking off our Annual Lyman Orchards Pie Sale Fundraiser this week.  The order forms will be in the students‘ band mailbox by Thursday.  Sales will run until October 13th for delivery before Thanksgiving.  We will provide delivery dates and times in a later update. 


We will have a combined BPA Member meeting and Music in Motion Meeting from 7-8:45pm on Thursday October 1 and we should be able to use the auditorium.  We will handle all BPA business in the first hour of the meeting and then cover MiM actions and updates. 


For Band Parents who have partially paid for your 2015 membership dues, the balance is due by the 30th of September.  Please place your check in the Forms Drop Box.  For those who have not elected become a member of the Big Red Machine, we encourage you to join our organization in support of all BPA activities benefitting you and your Band Student for this season.  


We’ve settled into a routine with Food Service orders and payments.  Thank you for adjusting to this new and improved way of doing business to feed our band, and please give Pam Gomez a thank you for a job well done!   Remember to have your Food Orders completed on-line by Thursday.  Many have already taken advantage of the Advance Pay option we have set up.  Thank you to all of you who are getting your payments into the Forms Drop Box as required by Thursday evening.  Visit ramband.com early to get your orders in for this week.


The Quartermaster would like to remind band members to have their uniform pants, black socks, marching shoes, and black t-shirts ready for our performances this coming Friday and Saturday!  They all looked great at Maloney! Reminder:  Please be gentle with the uniforms… they are almost as old as I am!


The New Milford Competition information and schedule is up - please visit to see what is on deck for Saturday’s competition.  We had a great showing at Maloney.  Please come out to New Milford dressed in red to cheer on our band!  And bring the noise makers.


The Webmaster has posted Parent Volunteer Sign Ups for competitions using Sign-Up Genius links – now through Southington October 14th.  Please visit the Parent Volunteer Sign Up page – sign up early – sign up often!  If you have not seen it yet, view the video email from our Head Chaperone regarding how we do business during and at the completion of competition outings.  We need help with pit crew and props.  Even if you do not ride with the band, we could use the help getting the props for the Guard onto the field.  Come on down right before our band steps-off and help us set up the field. 


Music in Motion Sponsors / Ad sales are well underway and we appreciate the support.  The band members stepped up and we have already close to 50 businesses being approached.  I will send out a separate email with the list of remaining businesses to approach and the form.  Please feel free to place an ad yourself or take a form to one of the businesses on the list.  This can be a big dollar item for our total revenue for Music in Motion.  Thank you for the support!


Music in Motion Volunteers:  We are about ready to post a Parent Volunteer Sign-Up for Music in Motion.  The Webmaster has created a MIM page under the Band Parent Association tab on ramband.com specifically for MIM information.  http://www.ramband.com/band-parents-association/music-in-motion


Don’t be shy – we need everyone to pitch in, whether for pre-show prep work, Sales and Ticketing, Friday Set-Up, Saturday Set-Up, during the show and after the show both on Saturday night and Sunday morning to clean up.  It’s a lot of fun too!  We have constructed a work schedule such that you could work all day if you want to, and we hope many of you will, but for those who can work part of the day, we are offering shift work this year.  We hope to see you there!! 


We will also be posting a link to an Equipment Needed Sign Up.  The BPA does not own every accessory item necessary to put on the show.  Therefore, we would like to request that you consider loaning us the items needed.  There is an extensive list - if you can loan more than one item that would be greatly appreciated.  We promise to return it.


Stay tuned for:

1.  Information on the band trip to Allentown coming soon!

2.  The MiM ad listing and form later this week

3.  All of the sign-ups for MiM will be posted by the end of this weekend


Thank you for your energy and support!

Go Ramband!




Laura Vuolo Hendry

President, CHS BPA