13-Oct-17: MIM 2017 - POST EVENT WRAP-UP

posted Oct 14, 2017, 9:49 AM by Mark Nowicki

Hello everyone:


It’s hard to believe Music In Motion 2017 ended five days ago already… and what a show it was!  I am very happy with how it turned out and I’m pleased that I’ve heard nothing but positive remarks about it.  I would like to thank every one of you for your enthusiastic participation and for keeping a positive attitude throughout the busy weekend.  Each and every one of you filled one or more vital roles during the event, whether during set-up, during the event, or on clean-up – all of it was important to successfully executing the show.


We have been working diligently this week to add up all the proceeds, make sure all our bills are paid to our various vendors, and of course return loaned equipment to our very generous community suppliers.  Except for those we are still waiting for billing statements, all the checks are mailed and on the way.  The Treasurer and the President have compiled some early numbers, and it looks like we did extremely well this year!  Laura Hendry is preparing a more formal report to the membership where the results will be shared – I know some of it but I don’t want to steal her thunder.  You should see that from her very soon.


We will be holding a MIM 2017 parent wrap-up meeting next Tuesday, 17-Oct, in the Jazz Band Room.  7:30pm!  If you wish to share your insights and experiences with the group, please come to the meeting.  This is an opportunity to get it on the table so we can improve our event for next year.  Don’t be bashful – we want to hear from you – our parent members are our greatest resource!


If you want to contribute but cannot make it to the meeting, please fill out this MIM 2017 Parent Feedback Survey, or fill it out to document your thoughts and come to the meeting anyway.


Here are some quick stats:

  • All 80 of the Noack’s German Bratwurst sold.

  • 110 of the 130 Krakus Polish Kielbasa sold.

  • We added Italian Sausage to the menu and that sold out quickly, so we will probably increase quantity next year.

  • We used about 450 Hummel Hamburgers... a huge hit with the kids.  The new preparation process in the Concessions facility worked like a charm – made it quick and easy for the field kitchen grillers.

  • We used “only” about 270 Hummel Hot Dogs... down from previous years due to the added Sausages and Burgers, but we have the 166 left-overs frozen, transferred to inventory, and will be available for Fall Train Show.

  • Seven cases (140 pounds) of Chicken Tenders – all used.

  • 12 cases (252 pounds) of French Fries – all used.

  • 24 of 25 gallons of donated Aqua Turf Chili sold – all profit.

  • We were underprepared with Cold Beverages and Ice – it was so warm – but a few parents made emergency runs to Costco and Stop & Shop.  Nearly 1,900 cold drinks used with only a single case of Diet Coke left over.

  • Conversely, we didn't do so well with Coffee and Hot Chocolate since it was so warm, but it won't always be that warm.  We will look at the weather forecast a little more closely next year.

  • All the Candy sold.

  • All the Popcorn sold.

  • All but 10 of the 350 Fritos sold for Walking Tacos.

  • All the Fried Dough sold, over 460 of them!  Huge!

  • Most if not all the Baked Goods sold – thanks for supplying the Bake Sale Tent with your goodies.

  • 50/50 was pretty good this year… the winner was happy!

  • Retail sold a lot of AirGrams – especially for our very own Ram Band!


Great event from the Food Service perspective.  We had two malfunctioning fryers, but we managed to innovate and supply the Aux Food Tent continuously with food driven by Golf Cart by a real Golf Pro (no kidding!) from the Main Food serving area.  Great job making it work!  But there were many other moving parts of the show that worked well:  Gate Admissions, Beachmasters, Hospitality, Field Judge assisting, and all the pre-show activity such as advertising, signage, etc.


Come share your stories and experiences on Tuesday – we’ll be listening and taking notes.  And for those of you interested in becoming a bigger part of putting on the show as the next generation of leaders in the BPA, you’ll want to listen and learn about the details as well, and perhaps step up and take on a position in 2018 as the new Beachmaster, or Bake Sale sub-chair, or any other vital leadership role that needs to be filled by the next gen.


Lastly, thank you to all who brought some accessory equipment to the show.  You came through with tables, crock pots, coolers, extension cords and work lights.  Even the Beachmasters at Bartlem Park got work lights this year!  I think everything is back where it belongs, but if you brought anything that has not been returned, please email me so I can look for it and attempt to get it back to you.


Thank you!