13-Oct-15: Music In Motion Hospitality and Bake Sale

posted Oct 14, 2015, 6:24 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Oct 14, 2015, 6:24 AM ]

Peggy Bartram, Tuesday, 10/13/2015


Calling All Bakers!!!


A message from Peggy Bartram: Hospitality MiM


I am the committee chair for the hospitality suite. The hospitality suite provides food for all the band directors, instructors, and plays host to the judges. This year we are in great shape for the meals but need a little help in the dessert department. The schools rave about our food and look forward to seeing what we are serving in the hospitality suite. I would love to surprise them with a few special desserts. We need your help! If anyone has a dessert you are known for and can spare the time, we would love it if you could donate to the hospitality suite. Just to give you an idea we are looking for cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, or fruit crisps/cobblers.  We will start accepting deliveries around 1:30 pm in the band room on Saturday.  If you cannot drop it off…I will be glad to come get it either Friday night or before noon on Saturday. Please call or email me if you can help. Thanks and looking forward to a great weekend. Peggy Bartram (409) 939-9326 or peggy.bartram@gmail.com



Pam Gomez, Tuesday, 10/13/2015


A message from Pam Gomez: MiM Bake Sale


We would like to ask everyone that is a baker (student and/or parent) to please bake for our bake sale. The CHSBPA makes 100% profit on our bake sales thanks to your generosity of time & baked goods.  Here are some tidbits of information:


  • please bag cookies of 'normal' size 3 to a bag

  • please bag brownies of 'normal' size 2 to a bag

  • if you supersize your cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats- then use your judgment

  • if your treats are smaller- feel free to put more in a bag

  • CLEARLY label anything with nuts (and the type of nut)

  • FROSTING is oh-so-yummy, but it does not hold up well once wrapped

  • Gluten free items are appreciated- please LABEL the item(s) as GF

  • if you bring your wrapped/packaged baked goods in a basket or container that you want back- PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL IT.

  • all items are sold for $1


Thank you in advance to all that can help! You may drop off the baked goods Friday Oct. 16th when you pick up your student from practice (approx. 5:45PM). You may also bring baked goods the day of MIM- you will see us with our baked goods table & tent.....follow the scent(s).   :)


Thank you so much!  Happy baking!

Pam Gomez, Deb Caron & Pam Fielding

203-273-6090 - Pam Gomez