13-Oct-15: Marching Ram Band Weekly Update (MiM Highlights)

posted Oct 13, 2015, 11:32 AM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Oct 13, 2015, 11:32 AM ]

Laura Hendry, Tuesday, 10/13/2015

Dear all,

Another great weekend for our Marching Band as we close the gap in the Class V ranks!  Very proud of the hard work and dedication of our band members.  RamSpirit and RamPride!  This week’s update will focus mainly on Music in Motion but I have a few other announcements at the end.

It’s a busy week as we near Music in Motion®!  Our home show has arrived and the weather forecast looks good!  We will take the cooler weather.  Let’s go BPA!!  MIM is one of the best band shows in the state and our students and parents are able to shine this evening, here’s to another great show!

Here are some important highlights and points of information for this week, from our MiM lead, Joe Campbell. It is broken down by day so it is easier to follow along and know what is happening when.

Tuesday:   Music in Motion Meeting for Area Leads.  If you are heading up an area, we are having a meeting with each lead on Tuesday evening to make sure we have all of the last minute details we need to cover with you addressed.  This will take place in the old band room at 7:30PM.

Thursday:  Music in Motion Meeting for EVERYONE.  This is a meeting for every volunteer and those who have not yet signed up.  During this meeting you will meet with the area leads and they will give you specific instructions and answer any questions you may have.  This will take place in the new band room or auditorium – parent teacher conferences are going on.  Meeting time 7PM.  This is the time if you have not yet signed up for an area to come to the meeting and see either Joe or Laura and we can find you a spot!  Even if you can only commit to a few hours, it all helps!


Morning:  For those that can help early on, we will be down at the field starting at around 10 AM setting up the tents, lighting, some fencing.

Late Morning / Early afternoon:  We may need some folks to run errands in town to gather some donations made to MIM.  We will have a list ready on Thursday if needed.

Friday Afternoon into the evening (after school gets out):  We begin to clear the cafeteria of the tables/chairs and move them to the field; many hands are needed for this.  Tables are needed for the food areas/ticketing/judges area on the field, and auxiliary food tent.  This also includes gathering the picnic tables from Bartlem Park and bringing them over to the field.

Friday evening food prep:  If you have signed up for food prep we will begin this process around 5PM in the kitchen at the high school.  This is where we cut onions, cut potatoes, cook the soup, prepare the chicken, etc.  Reminder if you are prepping food you must wear a hat, and sign in on the Chesprecott Health District sign-in sheet.  If you have never done this before, no problem!  We will be there to help you!


Parking:  We are asking that all of our volunteers park on the practice football field.  To get to this parking area turn off of route 10 onto Elmwood Drive, go about ½ mile, take a right into the back entrance to the football field.  Be aware that this is the entrance where all of the bands are going as well- PLEASE USE CAUTION.  Proceed slowly down to the practice football field and park.

Check-in:  Volunteer Check this year is located in the retail merchandise tent.  After you have parked please proceed to this area regardless of where you are working for the day.  The folks who are working the retail tent will check you in and issue you:  a Cheshire “We band together shirt” if you need one, and your food voucher for volunteering.

Shirts:  In the past few years we have found that our event is successful if we are identifiable to those that are attending.  The BPA has acquired, and we have been using, the red “We band together” shirts.  These are the shirts with the Ram on the front comprised of the music instruments.  If you have one already we ask that you wear it at Music in Motion to identify yourself as a Cheshire parent; if you need one, stop over at the retail tent and they can issue one to you!

Saturday night breakdown- all hands on deck!!!!  While the show is winding down and it is late the show is not quite over for us.  We need to break it all down.  This is really where more hands make light work.  The students and parents all help out and it makes it all easier for all of us.

Sunday breakdown:  This is probably the hardest part of the event.  We do our best on Saturday night to get the bulk of the work done, but there are some thing’s that have to wait for the next morning, if you are available, sign up and help us out on Sunday morning.

**** Make sure you take all of the items you donated for use during the event, we appreciate it greatly and want to make sure they get back to you *****************

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Joe or Laura.

Joe Campbell:  jp.campbell@outlook.com  203-525-9500

Laura Hendry:  avid613@yahoo.com  203-710-5555

Allentown:  We are still looking to have commitment forms in for all of the band and color guard members for the Allentown trip.  For those who have already emailed me or told me in person, I have added the names to the list.  If you have not completed a form or let me know directly, please go to the link below and complete a form and have it returned to the Forms box.  I know you may be asking, how do I know if my form was handed in??  I hope to have a list of the missing names out this week, but I’m not promising due to MiM long nights!  Thank you for your support.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xr0Q13-fS26PSjA6v-9lMZzyB2Q55EQjuoDAhQPkFGk/edit?usp=sharing

MIM Ad Sales:  To date, the ad sales and sponsorships are $6,100 and there are still a few that are coming in. Thank you to all the students and parents who made this happen.  Great results!!!  The program will be going to print Thursday.  Last call!!!

Payment of dues:  If you would like to join the BPA and haven’t yet and/or if you made a partial payment of dues, full payment is past due.  Please contact Audra Fleury if you have any questions.

The Lyman Orchard Pie Sale:  The sale is ending today.  Please have your forms in tonight.  If that is not possible, please let Tina Allen know.  We need all the forms in to place the order and confirm a delivery date.

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support the band on the Elementary School Tour last Friday. I understand it was a great time and we appreciate the hands that helped make it a success.

For the parents who have been working on MiM and have us set up for success, I thank you.  

Thank you to all of our volunteers so far this season!  We are almost at the finish line of what has been a great season!

Go Ram Band!


Laura Vuolo Hendry, President CHS BPA