13-Jun-17: Don't wait, sign up! Your chance is coming soon!

posted Jun 13, 2017, 9:32 PM by Mark Nowicki   [ updated Jun 13, 2017, 9:32 PM ]

Well, my last cry for help went over so well, I thought it couldn't hurt to try again.  (It really worked out quite well, several people stepped up, and we actually had more volunteers than we needed for the moment.)  Now however, I am asking for you to consider this request once again.  We have a lot of good people out there, who put in a lot of time and effort working on all of our events and fund raisers.  What we need right now, this week, is a few good folks who would be willing to step in and help form the direction the BPA as a whole; we need members of the Board of Directors. 


We will have a meeting soon, I know we are all anxiously awaiting the June membership meeting and I encourage EVERYONE to come.  I expect that the announcement will be made of when and where very shortly.  At that meeting we will elect new officers/board members.  We could use a few more people to get involved.  As I've said before, maybe you think I'm doing great and that might inspire you to help, or maybe you think I'm not doing so good and you can join up and correct that.  Maybe you just don't know what I've been doing and want to know more about it and provide your input.  Either way, I encourage you all to consider running for a position on the Board.  Seriously, this is your opportunity to get in there and help guide the BPA.  Don't wonder what's going on, be a part of it!  The committment is easy, there are evening meetings, maybe one up to a few times a quarter.  For a couple hours of time, you can have great impact on the success of the BPA, and represent your fellow parents in this great organization to help better our kids' musical experience.


Please don't think you can't do this.  If I can do it, any of you can.  The whole BPA is made up of great parents all working hard to help our kids.  The Board is the same way, and wants your input.  Please let me know, in the next few days, if you are interested, so I can add you to the slate of canidadates.  I will need to supply this list by Friday, so the sooner the better.  If you have any questions feel free to email or call me.  Dave Delancy has joined my on the nominating Committee, so you can direct questions also to him at ddelancy@ramband.com and please forward this message to any member I might have missed, or any incoming freshman band parent as well.


Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon!


Jim Butler


Oh, PS...  Jeff Shankman is underway planning the car show and could use some assistance.  We are also trying to start the sponsor drive earlier this year, so please consider helping out in those endeavors as well.  We will have sign ups at the June meeting... stay tuned!